Down's Syndrome / Mar 2013

Video Interview – 6% Down’s Syndrome

Down's Syndrome / Feb 2013

Summerhall Gallery March 22nd

Autism Down's Syndrome / Jan 2013

Six Percent meets Corinne and her mum…

Down's Syndrome / Dec 2012

Andrew and Six Percent

Down's Syndrome / Dec 2012

6% news #1

Down's Syndrome / Dec 2012

Feeling stoked….

Down's Syndrome / Oct 2012

Its six percent all the way..



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     #perthshow   #photography  either tractors have grown or children have got smaller....  #fujifilmxt3  All rights reserved Graham Miller
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    See the story of courageous Holly 10 years old in pictures  #neurofibromatosis   #nf1  in Rare Revolution magazine here
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     #tomjones   #dundee   #brewdog   @reallyrealresources 
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    Beyond delighted to have worked with Rare Revolution magazine as they feature our work with Holly Donald an incredible 10 year old who endured chemotherapy every Monday morning for a year due to her condition  #neurofibromatosis  Neurofibromatosis Type 1.  #nf1  Through our new social enterprise and archive Really Real Resources we seek to show life as it really is for the most vulnerable in society please follow our work on Instagram  @reallyrealresources  and on Facebook

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