‘It takes a special kind of heart…’

(Bill stammered a little as he spoke and I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but when he clenched his fist and held it to his chest I knew he was saying heart)
Bill, The Walled Garden, Perth, Scotland

‘Honesty, The Most Important people in the World’ is a direct challenge to celebrity status and what the media industry tells us are our priorities. Almost all the titles for our projects emerge during the work and this was no exception. The project features a group working in a therapeutic walled garden who were receiving support for mental health issues. There were no hidden agenda’s here, people told it as it was. A refreshing honesty in a what felt like a safe place, the impact of the work which is usually accompanies by a workshop exploring mental health is immense.

The work has been presented as solo exhibitions in Scotland and most recently The Dragon Café in London. It consists of 14 Giant (AO) metal backed panels with extended captions. And so whilst shipping is somewhat challenging the impact of the work which is usually accompanied by a workshop exploring Mental Health. The images were also projected as part of two panel discussions organised by the Mental Health Foundation. Subject to costs being covered and insurances this work is available for exhibition within an appropriate context.