Light from Dark

‘Everything is normal’
Guðrún Helga Harðardóttir, CEO, Einstokborn, Iceland

Light from Dark has in some many ways already proved to be remarkable. So long in the planning and yet there are aspects to the work, positive aspects and pockets of inspiration, that I could never have anticipated. It’s a project that draws its origins from much of the work I’ve done in the field of disability over the years. It’s a crystallisation of everything from how to approach subjects sensitively, work quickly, improvise and yet apply a lot of technical knowledge to create impactful results.

The concept is all about bringing Rare Conditions to the front of our consciousness, even if momentarily, to raise awareness and familiarity. Acceptance is one goal on the road to challenging stigma. I’ve chosen to do this in a very obvious way by working in Theatre’s under a single spotlight. I think it’s a progressive approach if a somewhat risky one but it has at its roots the best of intentions. This isn’t a sideshow, this isn’t a circus but if I begin to tweak some of those sensitivities then I am beginning to challenge thinking.

Watching the subjects and their families interact with the beam of light and spot on the stage has been extraordinarily beautiful, often only realised when I look at the images afterwards due to the intensity of the work at the time. My biggest concern was that all the images would look the same but that’s not been the case. Everyone has reacted in different ways and expressed their personality more than their disability.

The project continues and I want to go on. If you are interested in participating and have potential access to a Theatre where we might work together please contact me by clicking here.

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