Clare’s Princess

Clare is a force of nature. I met her and her partner Derek when I received a commission from Carers UK to photograph their daughter Katie who has Bulbar palsy.

Requiring a wheelchair Katie, twin to Holly, must be fed through a button in her stomach as she cannot ingest anything through her mouth and must be watched 24 hours a day even while sleeping n case she chokes as she cannot clear her own throat and could die. This was my first introduction to a rare condition and provided inspiration for #LFD. I was to return later and spend most of the night with the family watching,first hand, their intense love and support of their daughter. Those images appear as a journal entry, Life is very full on for them but we hope to work together again one day soon on #empowerment acontroversial project starting in parallel with #LFD

Project Detail


Light from Dark


Graham Miller


Bulbar Palsy