Six Percent

‘“Six Percent is without doubt the most powerful and innovative book to put the focus on Down’s syndrome that I have ever come across. The images convey a reality that challenges stigma, prompts discussion and taps into our deepest of emotions. The work also hauntingly highlights how rare and precious our families are becoming. I look forward to seeing more of Graham’s work.”
Hayley, author of award-winning blog Downs Side Up

Six Percent began as a two year project focussed on children affected by Down’s Syndrome but grew to include the extended family. These powerful dialogical documentary photographic black and white images are accompanied by words taken from recorded interviews as it seeks to present the reality of living with Down’s Syndrome. Some of the comments from parents are upsetting but have been included to provide balance.

Parents who have read the book often say that they wish that it had been available at the time of their child’s birth.

The work has been exhibited as a touring solo exhibition and as a self published book which went has sold hundreds of copies at home and around the World.

The charity associated with this project is DSS.