Graham Miller

Photographer for a selected few

Photohonesty is about challenging thinking around disability using a dialogical Documentary Photography approach.


It starts with talking to people, seeking to understand them, their lives, their feelings and then presenting work which captures attention, always in a balanced and honest way.


We believe that if people don’t look at what we do, we can’t then engage with them to begin the process of education. Through a unique combination of technical knowledge, experience, creativity, wisdom and sensitivity we hope to continue generating some of the most thought provoking imagery in the field of disability. We welcome approaches from those who want to help us in our aims.




Graham Miller

Husband of one, Father of two

Projects then are continually on my mind and I’ll usually meet someone who could be best represented by one of the concepts I have in mind and that then becomes my focus.


I have one very challenging project which has been in development for six years and am yet to take it on. I did some experimentation on a highly conceptual project a year ago to find that it was actually much more difficult than I thought. I haven’t given up on the idea but its gone back into my memory bank for the time being, until the right person comes along.