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Six Percent


Graham Miller


Down's Syndrome


The question of why we love a certain show is something that we dwell on a lot in development between the cups of tea and biscuits…and crisps…and more biscuits…and sometimes cake. It feels that pretty much all stories, shows, films, plays, games, whatevs, contain their essence in the nature of the characters. We didn’t love ‘Danger Mouse’ the show, we loved Danger Mouse and Penfold and we had a great affection for Colonel K, The Baron, Stiletto, Nero and the Narrator.

‘She was Just so tiny, because she was only four and half pounds, she was a tiny wee thing’

‘Stuarts’s (Katie’s dad) is not very good about talking about how he is feeling about things, he tends not to tell you how he’s thinking. He’s talking now, but he doesn’t tend to tell me what he is thinking very much, so I didn’t know how he felt about having a child with Down’s Syndrome. You hear about marriages breaking up and things going wrong when somebody with a disability comes into the family, it’s not uncommon for these things to happen, and I couldn’t work out whether he was ok about it or upset and just not speaking about it. I had no idea how he was’.