Six Percent on sale at Summerhall and the hidden embossing


Down's Syndrome


Graham Miller

It was a strange day today – went back to the gallery for the first time since the opening.  Wanted to spend some time there without people around and taking in the exhibition, curated by Antonia Laurence-Allen properly and to read the comments in the visitors book.

There had been some confusion and there were no books in the gallery shop but there are now and it didn’t look out of place.  Time will tell if its something that people will want to own and take home with them.



I don’t think many people have looked under the dust cover yet 😉  Leon the printer is very proud about the blind embossing of the photohonesty logo that they did. He prefers it without the dust cover eh ?

I’ll be working on a some new extracts for the flipbook on the Photohonesty website as the current version is too light as it was derived from the print file (usually lighter).

Need to put together an image selection for Harry Hardie who is curating the MA show in London in May with my fellow graduates.  Called ‘Not Seeing Nothing’ I’m really looking forward to participating and hoping that the new friends I have made through Six Percent will be able to come along to the show and meet me.

Been trying to work out if I should try to make Six Percent available on Amazon.  The cost is high as they take a big margin but in terms of spreading the word this could be good thing.  If you feel having the book on Amazon would be a good thing let me know?  It’s already on there but no available as I haven’t set up an account.

Here are a few photographs by way of enticing you to come along.

Some of the images in the gallery


Photos of Ruby and Darby – intro by Antonia Laurence-Allen

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