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Down's Syndrome


Graham Miller

I’m feeling a combination of stoked and emotional this evening as I’ve just seen the blog that Hayley Goleniowska has posted about 6%.  As the project went on I became more and more worried about doing my subjects justice and striking a balance.  I didn’t want this to be a sugar coated version of events but real. It had to be credible and so when I sent the pdf to Hayley I spent an anxious few days waiting for her feedback.  I’m sitting here now blown away by what she said because as a Mum of a child with Down Syndrome she knows.  And that means so much to me.

The reaction so far has been warm, immense and overpowering and while its to be hoped we can find a publisher who will work with us to take this on for publication March 21st we have the option to self publish.

I’m travelling to two galleries in Edinburgh on Monday to discuss a launch and exhibition – more sleepless nights ahead.

Thanks Hayley

Link to Hayleys’ blog about 6%

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