Rethink meets Alex




Graham Miller

The pixies had moved in overnight and painted everything grey.  I know the weather forecast said today that everywhere was going to be affected by snow and cloud but as I left the house this morning at 9.30 for the photo shoot with Alex it was headlights and wipers on and that was just to get from the house to the car.  They save a special shade of grey for this part of the world which would make a battleship stand out like a sore thumb.

Available light only works when light is available but Alex had his own remedy for the doom and gloom in the form of his smiles and I’d defy anyone not to be impressed with him. And with Sorin, Lord Innistrad (more on that next time) in the room I didn’t dare complain.

Part 1 complete and two and a half of the shots needed for Rethink: Net done. Really looking forward to the next shoot. Thanks Alex.

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