Graham Miller



Hearts – Dimitris

It was a time of learning for me. Dimitris is severely autistic, whilst being both blind and deaf.  It was impossible for me as an outsider not to feel sorry for him. It seemed like a natural emotion and others who have seen this photograph since have felt the same way as I did.

As Margarita drove me to the airport we discussed it and she explained that I should not feel sympathy as we all have our own lives to live. They may be harder, they’ll certainly be different as for Dimitris but our life is our life.  I’ve thought a lot about it since and realise that I already knew that. My work through Photohonesty has always been about challenging stigma and that means treating everyone equally.

On a day out with the group Margarita placed her hands on Dimitris chest and it was if he had been charged by electricity. Living in what was a very enclosed world for him touch was almost everything.