Hearts – Tasos

The word Autism is derived like many words from the Greek language, as Margarita who managed the house would and still reminds me. Autos means self and it seemed to describe the condition well as I observed whilst living in the house. Many of the residents spent much of their time in quiet introspection. Now and again they would suddenly seem to look outwardly before seeming to retreat back inside almost as if to a place of safety.

This was one of those moments. I was walking with the group to the local village, Zitsa, to collect the mail and some supplies when Tasos stopped raised his hand above his head and stared at me. It was to be the only time he made eye contact with me in three days. Margarita later saw the image and told me that Tasos was trying to communicate with me.

The inclusion of the telegraph wires in the background was not deliberate but they seem to complete this photograph as Tasos tries to communicate.



Graham Miller