Hands up – new thinking required


Photographic Technique


Graham Miller

Going into todays tutorial I made what I thought was an innocent comment about my not using a camera like a machine gun.  Shooting lots and lots of images and then doing a tight edit.  Somehow it didn’t seem right to me, it was cheating, it  was random and it was less worthy.

Patrick put me right.  In essence I am producing photographs and photographs look like photographs. They are not the scenes or subjects themselves. Its only on rare occasions that we see pictures which are absolute representations of the scene. And so then that feeling of pride I had for getting reasonable results from the minimum number of shots was somewhat misplaced and whats more I’ve been depriving myself of the chance to learn.  Its important I take lots of images for lots of angles in different situations to help me move forward. Its the end result that matters as more often than not the audience have no appreciation of how you got there.


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