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Down's Syndrome


Graham Miller

Last Sunday was another remarkable day.  It was the second time I’d worked with Fiona and Ross, only this time around, it was just them and me.  Jamie their son with Downs Syndrome and Ellie were with their grandparents and we spent an hour together, in the garden talking about the time when they heard that Jamie would be affected by Downs Syndrome and how they reached their decision to go ahead with the pregnancy. Fiona is expecting their third child due in August.

In the end we had lunch and then spent around an hour talking and once again I was struck by how determined those who are willing to participate in the project are to share their experiences. I think its because they know how they felt before the baby was born and then were surprised how different their lives were in a positive way afterwards.  They feel they have a great secret that they are determined to share.  Did the audio in much more controlled surroundings and then shot some video (as I received the Nikon D800 this week). Once again photography has provided me with the key to very personal experiences and I feel so privileged when people trust me enough to let me into their lives.

The photo below was taken during the interview – Fiona always thought carefully before responding and Ross would often sit quietly in the background listening.


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