The new website is officially launched

Walking up to bed Tuesday night and my mobile phone pings.  Its Leon from Fearless Creative Design Agency who has designed the new website.

‘I’ve put something together for you and sending over via we transfer in the next couple of minutes’. Eh?  Website finished what can it be?

Download message arrives and it’s a 232 MB file  – thinking long day that will take an age to download if at all on my phone given the poor wireless in the bedroom, I’m exhausted.

Texting ‘Hi Leon thanks will have to take a look in the morning’ – Thinking, as I stare at the bedroom ceiling – everything Leon does is very cool what can it be?

Never sleep now too excited – Thinking it won’t take long, head to the office and BOOOOOMMM (that’s our code word when we like something)

Totally unprompted he has put together a media piece around my work and its stunning.

Looks brilliant but there is something else special about Leon. Speaking to me, and getting to know me, he has really got what I’m about and what I’m trying to achieve with Photohonesty and has absolutely captured it in this amazing short piece.

As I sat watching it at midnight I felt strangely detached and very emotional.  It looked great was this really my work.

This remarkable fella has brought a new energy to my work. Thanks Leon.


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