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Down's Syndrome


Graham Miller

I’m taking the time between terms to sort out some of those admin things that I really don’t like doing but its a good investment – back up process etc.

Had a very enjoyable shoot Tuesday night as part of my Downs project and met Tracii and her partner at their flat.  They have twins ten months old and Ruby has Downs.  We had to move my recorder off the floor as it became a target and then horror of horror it appears in some of the images on its gorilla pod.  I’m not a fan of photoshop but thinking of asking my mate Jake to remove it for me.  My hope is that everyone else who sees it, thats not you lot cos I’ve told you about it, see as the latest in toy from the Early Learning Centre!

Joys of doing what I love tempered by a sick feeling in my stomach over the death of Tim Hetherington. Woke at 3 am thinking of his family and the loss to this great community.

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