Thoughts as the course progresses


Photographic Technique


Graham Miller

Head swimming with thoughts right now. I realise that a lot of the questions I have gathered over the years have just built up and this could be the perfect forum to resolve them.

That inbuilt dislike of people who use digital cameras like a machine gun to shoot away and then select one or two good shots.

Does that make the work less worthy? Does it actually matter when the world only sees the output anyway? Is the fact that you shoot hundreds of pictures for one good result correct? Some famous street photographers shot rolls and rolls of film which we don’t see.  Diane Arbus spent hours/days in the darkroom optimising prints. I’m starting to think its the process that has most value – the preparation, the planning, engagement.  Without that process then we are talking snapshots but then the trouble is does the world care about the process is this just something we care about in our part of the photographic community.  Part of this I guess is working through the coursework and looking forward to the outcome.  I need to clear my head or irrelevances and of the things that I can’t control and focus on finding a doing the best I can with subjects.

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