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Its onwards and upwards – well at least I think so…..  Last few weeks have been hectic although the designer is now on board and we’ve met to agree the way forward.  He now has the cover image and the aim is to produce a pdf of the cover so that we can start to use it for promotional purposes.  I have a meeting with a potential distributor and then printer this week and so that part is being nailed down.  The printer does work for bloomsbury and so the quality should be very good.  Distributor looking for between 50 and 60% of the cover price which seems to be the norm and so setting the RRP will be key. Initial print run 500 we expect.

Also need to look at an exhibition venue in Edinburgh as suggested by DSS – they will tour the exhibition next year around scottish venues. Work to be done there also in terms of how the images will be presented.

And last but not least the picture taking.  I have shoots this weekend and next and and following up on others.  I need to get the content substantively finished in Sept.  Meeting the twins again Saturday although its kind of weird as I’ll be circulating Edinburgh until they have their nap and will get a call when I’ll dash over and photograph them sleeping as I missed it first time around.

So lots to think about but can’t wait to see the end result.

Putting less images in my blog right now saving them for a bigger impact…. G

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