That’s Definitely Me

Contact with the Dance Agent for Change came through a project I did for Perth and Kinross Council. Interesting in that it involved photographing during several classes and then arranging an exhibition of the work.

A closed event, the images, except for one, which I received special permission to use, were exclusively for those who joined the classes and their families. Only the second time I’ve been asked not to publicise work that I have done. At the exhibition one of the dancers, who had Down’s Syndrome stood in front of a large photograph of himself, before turning to say. ‘Now that is very definitely me’. As a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a greater compliment.

Caroline joined as a teacher in one of the later classes and I was drawn to her magnetic personality. The images here then are not from the project mentioned above but from a regular weekly dance class with Caroline while she was based in Dundee.




Dance Agent


Graham Miller