Graham Miller



Hearts – Theothora

The generosity of those who invite me into their lives is vital for the work I do.

Too often photography comes from a transient encounter and when you think about your daily lives can you really learn much from someone when you meet them in passing? I make it my role to spend time to understand what I can and then share those images in a unbiased way allowing others to make their judgement. The charity GSPAP (include link) could not have been more welcoming allowing me to live in the house for three days, join them for meals and spend time freely with the residents.

The image here of Theothora on the bus is a good example. Having arrived at the house in Zitsa, Northern Greece, I found out that some of the residents would go home to their family for an overnight stay once a week. Invited to travel on the bus I watched Theothora as the excitement built on the way to meet her mother.