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I’m really enjoying ‘VoF’ and stretching myself by telling a story through association and ‘inanimate’ objects.  Its also having an impact on my other work around celebrity and I think has helped me move that project, as yet unnamed, on conceptually.

Still always wanting my work to be ‘accessible conceptual’ (My words).  I want people to have to think to understand what I’m trying to say, to get what I am trying to say and then have the luxury of making their own conclusions after that.  I have a real confidence that by taking this approach the work will not only be more interesting but it will both engage and challenge stigma in a more effective way.

I’m using ‘VoF’ to really nail down my Indesign skills and I am hoping that I can find a youth culture magazine which will be a good fit for the article. If anyone knows what that mag should be please drop me a line? Thanks 🙂  As encouraged by my good friend David McKenna I am writing more but always hope my photographs speak loudest.

This week great as some wonderful contacts made which I hope will really help me work with some of those who have a story that the we need to see. Really looking forward to working again with the Lally family on the ‘Nightshift’ and possibilities emerging to exhibit ‘Six percent’ in Prague next year.

Ordering the image for Shape Open 2013 at the Nunnery Gallery in London in October.  Really pleased to hear it will tour. The printer tells me he has a new machine since we did the Walled Garden project and that the results will be even better.  At 1.5m by 1.0 metre and printed on metal I am continuing the theme of challenging celebrity in creating a poster sized image. Just then need to work out how to get it to London?!

This image from ‘VoF’ is of a crumpled 5 euro note which had fallen from the pocket of a nightclubber.

Copyright as always applies to images, concepts, words. Copyright is claimed for Vestiges of Freedom and VoF.

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