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What is ‘M55 Reports

Graham began his connection with M55Reports when he studied his MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC University of the Arts London. The group got along very well and wanted to continue the connection beyond our studies. Full information about the collective can be found here and please find below links the websites of member photographers.

The team has now moved its focus to London and Iceland and Graham has just returned from Rekjavik.

Profile from M55 Reports

Graham Miller is a Scottish based documentary photographer who focuses on challenging thinking around disability. His previous projects, including Down’s Syndrome and Mental Health issues, have featured widely in the press and solo exhibitions.

As part of his association with M55 Reports he visited Greece in 2015 and spent several days living in a house with young Autistic adults. That work Autism: Hearts of Angels has now appeared in the mainstream UK press and been subject to two solo exhibitions. It was presented as fourteen lightboxes during the European Autism Congress in front of 1500 delegates in late 2016 which then led to an exhibition at the European Economic and Social Committee Brussels. He recently mentored a group of Autistic youngsters in a documentary photography project on the theme ‘Too Much Information’ and curated the resulting work in a exhibition at Scotland’s Macrobert Arts Centre.

Graham will travel to Iceland in June 2017 to begin his new project ‘Light from Dark’ where he works with those affected by Rare Diseases and conditions.

Interview with Graham

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