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Good news – Community Care magazine came back and due to the popularity of the internet slideshow have decided to run the magazine article and want to discuss this and more of my work this week.  If you read the email from Claire I went back to her and asked that she write to the magazine. This is what she wrote which I really appreciate sharing with the group and its this type of response which really encourages me to keep working in this field.


Hello Ruth

As a qualified children’s social worker, I am a subscriber to the Community Care magazine but also enjoy the benefits of the publication through the daily emails which I find enormously informative.  The publication clearly has its ‘finger on the pulse’ and this gives me confidence when reading articles in the knowledge they are not only succinct and focussed on the issues but current and leading the way in the complexity of issues facing the profession as a whole.

If I may, I wished to share with you my humble thoughts on a particular article featured on the Community Care website, that I read recently.  The article in question was entitled, ‘Recovering from mental health illnesses in Scotland’.

I firstly wanted to congratulate Community Care on featuring such a powerful and incredibly discerning collection of photographs and thoughts by Graham Miller.

I felt Graham Miller demonstrated a very rare skill in the way that he was able to reach out to the reader through his photographs but just as crucially, his accompanying personal thoughts for each of the individuals he photographed were very evocative.  I felt this photographer demonstrated so articulately through the power of the photographs, the human spirit in its strongest and weakest moments.  He was able to ‘do justice’ to those experiencing mental health issues through the respect, compassion and empathy that he showed through this work.

My privileged position of working so intimately with families through my role has, over the years, served to demonstrate to me the truly invasive, impactive and deep rooted complex issues that parents and their children must navigate their way through when mental ill health is present within a family dynamic.  This illness does not always have a tangible presence but again, I feel the skill and articulation of Graham Miller’s work has very competently served to cross this boundary and bring to life the reality of mental health issues for the reader to better understand, from the perspective of the individual; truly illuminating work.

I wonder whether as readers, we have had the opportunity to view Graham Miller’s project in its entirety or whether elements of the project were not included due to your editing limitations?  Should this be the case, I feel that it would be of enormous benefit for your readers if they were able to enjoy further work by this photographer, or indeed, this particular project in its entirety, should this be at all possible.

I would applaud Community Care for providing further cover space for a photographer who clearly has so much to offer my profession by informing in the most unique style, the intimate relationship individuals experience with their mental health.

Thank you for finding the time to read this email.

With kind regards.

Independent Social Worker

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