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Graham Miller

I’m not one for carrying a camera all the time but last year bought a Fuji X Pro 1 so that I had something that was compact without sacrificing quality. The mirror-less set up has taken a bit of getting used to but I feel I’m getting there now.  Took the camera to a small restaurant in Perth last night for the Burns Supper and made a school boy error in not taking spare batteries for the flash.  My excuse is I thought we’d take a snap with our friends, and that would be it, but as the evening went on a photo opportunity emerged that I couldn’t ignore and being without flash I ended up using the X Pro1 at ISO 6400 and trying where I could to lean against walls to remove the risk of camera shake.

Jenny, 98, was there with her family celebrating her 98th birthday and the restaurant staff, who know her as a regular, were clearly besotted with her.  She’d asked for someone to sing ‘My love is like a red red rose’ by Burns and the girls unable to remember the words decided to Google it.

I like the photos for the warmth and happiness that they show.  Look closely and you’ll see the mobile phone, in addition to providing the lyrics, did a rather nice job of lighting Jenny’s face.  The camera also coped very well in the low light and I’ll not hesitate to use it again in similar situations although next time it will be through choice…

Its the Fuji 60mm f2.4 lens with minimal sharpening applied and the cropped in Adobe Lightroom.

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