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Rare Conditions


Graham Miller

Thanks to Veronika who told me about the Shape Open or I would never have heard about it.  I sent off two images and heard last night that one of them, ‘Bob’, had been accepted for exhibition.  I’m really pleased that image was chosen as it means so much to me.  I was commissioned by the local council to take photographs for their ‘Lets dance’ programme which featured adults with disability.  Bob couldn’t make the official night and so we arranged a separate session for him at Perth Theatre. I’m not sure what condition affects Bob but his head and limbs are almost constantly in motion and his speech is impaired.  As the dance instructor warmed up I realised she was behind Bob and he immediately realised what I had in mind and held his head still while I took the shot. Afterwards when I sat in the car and thought back over what had happened my eyes filled with tears as the full force of what was a powerful emotional engagement hit me. I felt humble and honoured at the same time.  What a fantastic and inspirational man Bob is. I take photographs for the purpose of making those connections and when they happen it takes my breath away.

I’m not sure now how I get the image there as time is short and if I can attend the party but I’d love to.

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