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It was good logic, good, earthly, feminine logic, and if it satisfied her I certainly could pick no flaws in it. As a matter of fact it was about the only kind of logic that could be brought to bear upon my problem. We fell into a general conversation then, asking and answering many questions on each side. She was curious to learn of the customs of my people and displayed a remarkable knowledge of events on Earth. When I questioned her closely on this seeming familiarity with earthly things she laughed, and cried out:

AS a mother who adores her daughter, you have really captured her well.  Her expressive eyes trying to tell us something that we don´t always understand… Thanks so much for this Graham, absolutely lights up my day.

And giving me this teaser, makes me even more excited to see the rest.  (no pressure… haha)

You really know what you are doing….  🙂

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