DSS calendar shoot at Murrayfield today


Down's Syndrome


Graham Miller

What a great session today.  Ten fellas showed up and Scottish Rugby Union provided professional coaches who were total amazing in ensuring participation.  The were happy for me to join in and so I could get in amongst the action.  So much so that one of the players actually licked my camera lens !!  Now I love my camera but there is a limit….

Quick (ish) to the touchline I could wipe the filter clean.

The portrait here was taken after the session when the coaches said they could each take a rugby ball home with them.  Looks like he ain’t letting it go. Found myself smiling as I backed up the images tonight and so I’m sure there are shots which will work well in the calendar.

Monday night Inverness and a shoot with a guy who has a black belt in Karate – I’ll be on my best behaviour.

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