Assignments done and time for a little R’n’R


Rare Conditions


Graham Miller

Its been a tough few weeks as my day job has been even more intense than usual.  It demands all my concentration and energy during the weekdays and with the extra time spent evenings and weekends bringing the assignments together there is no gas left in the tank. But for six hours sleep a night I’m going all the time.

I’m photographing a wedding next Saturday as the couple who are getting married have connections with the Walled Garden that I photographed last year.  After that I’ll be aiming to put the camera down for week so that I can spend more time with my family.  I’m looking forward also to reflecting on whats been an intense six months.  At the outset I thought my commitment to all things photographic had peaked but I love being part of the course and sharing with colleagues and I feel so stimulated sometimes if feels like I’m going to burst.

I’ve just initiated a collaboration with an artist and am really hoping what I have planned fits the brief of the course next semester.

One of the other things that keeps me going is trying to predict, of the people I photograph, who will be photogenic and who won’t be.  During the final shoot for my assignment last week and between focussing on my subject, Caroline, I grabbed this photo of the Musical Director, Ninian Perry. He certainly looked great but then I think he looks amazing on film (Ahem: sorry Bob I meant to say he looks great pixelated!).

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