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As we all batten the hatches against this terrible weather and prepare for Christmas and the new year ahead I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged my work during this last year.  The reaction to “6% Down Syndrome: My photographs their words’ has been astonishing.  We are close to securing space within a high profile gallery for an exhibition and launch and so 2013 looks to be every bit as exciting as this one, maybe more.

Thanks go especially to Down Syndrome Scotland who have been an amazing partner http://www.dsscotland.org.uk/.

Their CEO Pandora Summerfield has been supportive of the project from the outset and has always been there encouraging me.

Neil Burns at George James Ltd for paying for the design  http://www.georgejamesltd.co.uk/

Hayley Goleniowska who has opened her heart in a way that everyone can relate to through her incredible blog http://www.downssideup.com/ and who has been patient in keeping the big secret and then explosive in getting the news out.

And Umair Akhtar of UA Graphics the designer, who you won’t know is affected by Aspergers Syndrome. He has been professional, committed, flexible and patient beyond what I was entitled to expect and I’m saying all this because he needs to do more work in January (just joking Umair). You are a brilliant example and  a star Umair.

Last but not least all of the families of who have let me into their lives and shared their innermost thoughts.

And so here is Lee, as promised, taken during a coaching session arranged at Murrayfield by Downs Syndrome Scotland. He realised 3 seconds later that I was standing there and the moment was gone.

When I look at this I see ambition and aspiration and I hope it has the same impact on you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an astonishing FY13.


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