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Graham Miller

Really excited about a new cooperation that I’ve initiated which I am hoping will take photojournalism in a whole new direction. I know its a bold claim but I just don’t know anyone else who is trying to do what I want to do. We are evaluating technical feasibility now before applying for funding.  Arts funding is also a whole new thing for me and so this is all a learning experience. And so if I can pull this off, and the work is as I expect it to be, this has the chance to create a whole new discipline.

I’m also stoked about the idea of working across boundaries. I’ve found photography to be a fairly solitary business and I think it will take creativity and cooperation to move it forward in new ways.  That is exactly what I (we) are hoping to achieve.

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  • Tracey Fahy

    August 24, 2011 , 11:39 am / reply

    Sounds interesting Graham look forward to hearing more about your project.......good luck with securing the funding!
  • Graham Miller

    August 24, 2011 , 12:23 pm / reply

    Thanks Tracey I remember our chat earlier about the type of projects your involved in and you've also got a creative approach. I'm scoping out the project and as soon as we get some traction I'll let you know more. I'd welcome your views at that point. I really believe there is an opportunity here to do something which is very different, but photojournalism all the same, which will broaden the potential audience. G
  • Jo Ellicott

    August 30, 2011 , 1:18 pm / reply

    Thats very intriguing Graham! Looking forward to hearing more - best of luck!



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