Alex and what makes him unique




Graham Miller

The feedback on the project around Alex and the Stigma project was very good and the final piece can be viewed here.

The concept behind this ‘net’ is to show that there are a number of dimensions to Alex and that he should not be seen as just someone who has Aspergers.  He is a remarkable fella who has developed coping mechanisms through the use of rehearsal (the clapper board image) and faces challenges sometimes in group situations (The crowd image).  He is very talented having just completed a cooking course at the local college and is an expert at the incredibly complex role playing game ‘Magic’.  He recently ‘whupped’ allcomers in a local competition.  And so Alex is as unique as we all are.  His aspergers is just another aspect of him as are his many other talents.  Thanks Alex for your patience and for being such a willing victim – you are a star… G

Note: Note that the content and concept here are copyrighted and I’d ask that you respect that. Thanks G

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